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34. Witch Hunt

Sadly, Baby decided to be a taco for Halloween. Happily, I decided to be a hungry Mexican.

-The Boy


I can just see these two at a Hallow e’en party that night. His Friend: Nice cultural stereotype. So, what’re you, the Frito Bandito? Him: Naw, I’m just a hungry Mexican hankerin’ for a dog taco. HF: You think Mexicans eat dog tacos? I’ve got some friends want to chat with you out back. Meanwhile, she’s talking with her friends. Her Friend: So, what’s he? The Frito Banditio? She: No, he’s just being mean. He’s dressed as a hungry Mexican who wants to eat my baby in a taco. HF: He thinks Mexicans eat babies in tacos? I have some friends who want to educate him out back. He’ll never make it out alive.
There’s no way to win! Hm…I wonder what would have happened if Baby had dressed as the Mexican and The Boy had gone as a human burrito… Dang it, now I have a hankering for some delicious Mexicano food. Luckily I am half Mexican myself, and can make quite the enchilada.

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